Team building

... From warm and modern interior, excellent equipped conference rooms of Hotel Mogorjelo, to a wild and unpredictable environment in just 2 minutes!

Wild Neretva River, challenging hills, unique natural parks, interesting and rich culture, are just some of the ideal conditions for maintaining an active part of your corporate program!

Active Programs:
  • Sport fishing in the natural park of Hutovo Blato
  • Exploring natural beauties of Hutovo Blato down the “Education path” through bike riding
  • Boat ride across the lakes of  Hutovo Blato and down the River Krupa
  • Football / Volleyball / Tennis / Basketball
  • Canoe adventure on the banks of the Trebižat River
  • Rafting down the Neretva River
  • Corporate Ship Race down the valley of the Neretva River
  • Swimming in a beautiful surrounding of  Kravice waterfalls or along the Trebizat River
  • Riding on the "Vranac” ranch, down the roman remaining called  Mogorjelo
  • Dance activities (Argentine tango, samba, rumba, cha cha cha, salsa)
  • Mandarins and grapes vintage

Other options:
Roman night under torches in a valley of the Neretva River, within old Roman walls of Mogorjelo
Homemade dinner on the rural farm of family Jurkovic in Brštanica (eco – ethno experience) Outdoors grilling, along the river Neretva and Trebizat or in the natural park of Hutovo Blato
Cold plate and wine service ~ perfect break from selected activities
Education and participation in the preparation of local delicacies – Herzegovina cuisine  
Wine tasting
Music: Herzegovina’s traditional a capella singing  / Tamburitza Players / live music - jazz & blues

Looking for night life?
Visit one of the nightclubs in Capljina, Čitluk or Mostar!
Disco club “KUK” in Pocitelj, near Capljina, will be the perfect destination if you like popular music, and you are into exploring good fun.
For further recommendations and assistance, we kindly ask you to refer to our hotel’s concierge or to contact us through our on line contact info prior to your arrival.
Thank you!