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Hutovo Blato is situated on a south of Herzegovina in a karst ambiance.
On the left side of the Neretva River, Hutovo Blato features one of the most unique sub Mediterranean swamps in Europe.
Since the ancient times, this place is known as the green oasis, with an abundance of water that provides perfect conditions for a large number of plants and animals. The swamp is interesting and important also from the ornithological, ichthyologic, scientific, and environmental and tourist point of view. Hutovo Blato is considered to be one of the largest bird winter ports in Europe.
Hutovo Blato covers territory of Čapljina and Stolac, and also incorporates swamps, lakes, rivers and hills, with altitude ranging between 1 and 432 meters above the sea level.
This area is located around fifteen kilometers from the Adriatic Sea and is under a strong influence of the Mediterranean climate.
Because of exceptional importance and beauty, Hutovo Blato was inaugurated as the Nature Park in 1995.