About Herzegovina > „Kravica“ waterfalls & rocky vineyards

Kravica waterfalls are located on a 50 km long Trebižat River.
The same as Krka waterfalls and Plitvice Lakes, Trebižat River is also in a constant process of natural tufa deposit. It is known that travertine barriers and waterfalls can grow only in a water of high purity and quality, so it is not strange that the landscape of a natural phenomenon Trebižat was declared as a National Park.
See it for yourself and stay bewitched by this beautiful Kraška.
After visiting Kravica Waterfalls, we take you through a wide selection of Herzegovina’s wines, which have experienced great praise throughout the whole Europe throughout the history!
It is hard to believe, that in Herzegovina karst good wine can be grown, but it seems that a "stone wealth" region, and Mediterranean climate were essential for creation of indigenous wines such as “Žilavka” and “Blatina”.
Over 2300 hours of a sunshine rays over a stone shed unique vineyards, where essential for a production of aromatic Žilavka and ruby-red Blatina that has recognizable aroma and full harmonious taste.
With wines from Herzegovina, of course, go culinary specialties of Herzegovina region – Herzegovinian prosciutto, home made sour cream and the mountain cheese.