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One of the most significant monuments of Roman times in BiH is certainly – Mogorjelo!
Come and see remainings of the old Roman suburban Villa Rustica from 4th ct!
Mogorjelo represents old Roman agricultural production and estate, mills, bakeries, oil refinery and forges!
The destruction of Villa came in the middle of 4th ct, during the invasion of western Goths.
Residents, who have survived invasion and the destruction, did not have any further options or opportunities to renew it in a full splendor.
There are two theories about the name of Mogorjelo.
First one assumes that the place had burnt several times, so the root of the name was derived from a word “burn”. Another theory is that at the end of the 5th ct the church was built on the ruins of Villa, and it was dedicated to St. Hermagor – Mogoru, by which the site was named.
No matter what the exact origin of Mogorjelo is, it is worth of seeing.