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Cultural, judicial and estate headquarter of the Herzegovina – Neretva County!
Mostar was named by its keepers who were protecting the “most” which in a translation stands for today’s UNESCO protected bridge.
Old bridge lies on the banks of the Neretva River and was built in 16th century. It was destroyed in a City War in 1993, and reconstructed in its original form in 2004.
Soon after the reconstruction, the Old Bridge was declared as Bosnian and Herzegovina’s first monument ranked on the worlds must see list!
City of Mostar became one of the biggest urban and tourist visited centers of Bosnia and Herzegovina while among other cultural, traditional, and architectural beauties possesses also:

  • The Old City - cultural and historical part of today’s City of Mostar with a rich and unique entertainment offer
  • Karađozbeg’s Mosque / Catholics Cathedral / Orthodox Church / Jewish synagogue
  • Bišćevića place with an old Turkish house
  • Historical neighborhood Brankovac, famous by preserved examples of old houses and “avlias” of old Mostar’s families, constructed in ottoman’s style
  • Old village “Blagaj” and the Buna River wellspring which overlooks the fort of Herzegovina’s hero and its establisher – Stjepan Kosač
  • Nature Park “Ruište” / Nature Park “Mud of Mostar”
  • House of a famous BiH poet Aleksa Šantić
  • Museum of Herzegovina and various other which can not be described in written.