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Deep in a heart of the country, visit the largest cave system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the monument of nature – the cave Vjetrenica!
Vjetrenica is 6 km long and the first 200 meters are at some points lower than the average height of a man. That is the length of the first three halls. The first and the second hall are connected by the „Doors“ - a natural phenomenon or so called round openings in the rocks, created by grinding water slows.
On the right of the third hall there is a „Fairy Floor“, the place where ancient mythological life of Popovo Field was born. The trail passes by the first major sediments of calcium carbonate - the „Nakapni Columns“.
On the left side, where the ceiling rises, there is a separated entrance to the lower parts of Vjetrenica (Lower Vjetrenica, which is due to the protection of the fauna, outside the circle of visit).
The path then passes a hundred meters through the part called „Pjati“(plates), sediments forming tore of oysters. They lead to the „Golden Hall“ that is actually on the left of the end of channel, layered with calcite.
The main channel continues next to the „Great Bay“, the low channels and the third calcite lake. In continuation it is becoming a collection of stalagmites called the „Turkish Cemetery“and the trail ends at the „Hajducki Table“.
Furthermore, you can see narrow and wide parts of the channel and chambers created by cracks through which during the rainy season water is forming cave Vjetrenica.