We will gladly organize a day trip or excursion to one of the many picturesque villages in the vicinity. Our receptionists, with whom we hope you will soon feel at home, are mainly local, and they know all the hidden gems of the Herzegovina region.

Our recommendations for activities that will awaken your healthy spirit:

Mens sana in corpore sano...

The rivers Trebižat and Neretva, as well as the Kravice waterfalls, can satisfy both the need
for adrenaline, and a peaceful sojourn outdoors.
Trips which we organize, in close collaboration with nature, are:

  • photo-safari: an interactive experience with the Pirates of Neretva amongst the water lilies at the emerald mouth of the river
  • canoe-safari on the Trebižat river
  • barbecue and a swim' at a ranch on the bank of the Trebižat river
  • guitar-evenings under the stars
  • bird-watching at Hutovo Blato National Park
  • boat-tours of the Hutovo Blato lakes
  • picnic at Herzegovina's most beautiful waterfalls ‘’ Kravice’’ ('little cows')
  • follow the wine trails of Herzegovina which reveal the secrets of the most successful
  • Herzegovina wineries…….and open the doors of local tradition to each and every visitor
  • horseback riding in Mogorjelo, for health and recreational purposes
  • cycling trip through the intact country roads of Herzegovina
  • dinner at the Jurkovic country estate in Brstenica – a special experience in the relaxed atmosphere of the home of authentic Herzegovina people

Looking for night-life?

Visit one of Čapljina, Čitluk or Mostar night clubs, for a special atmosphere, VIP treatment and sounds of instrumental funky music. The KUK Disco Club in Pocitelj , only 3 minutes away from Capljina, will be your perfect night out if you like popular music but are really a true rocker at heart.
For any further information please ask our receptionists or waiters – they will recommend the most popular places.