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Happy Woman's Day!
Happy Woman's Day! | 02.03.2010
We will wine and dine as queens and princesses, while we celebrate the international women's day at Hotel Mogorjelo, March 8th, at 19:30! Live music and great atmosphere until early morning hours, because we deserve a night out! Ladies will be introduced to a new Ladies' Nights series of evenings to be held in the Siesta restaurant throughout the following two months. Many companies such as Avon, Oriflame, Afrodita kozmetika, travel agencies, Zepter, and similar will be promoted...
Final Four - Basketball in Capljina!
Final Four - Basketball in Capljina! | 17.02.2010
A big BRAVO and THANK YOU goes out to the Basketball Club Lasta Capljina whose efforts made it possible for our town to host this year's Final Four competition! While we wish our team to win in the finals, we will make sure all other teams feel comfortable during their stay here, since all of them are residing in our hotels Mogorjelo and Park Karaotok!
Italy in Capljina!
Italy in Capljina! | 17.02.2010
Parla l'Italiano? Neither do we, but we are cooking Italian! Join us during the Italian week at our restaurant Siesta, starting from 26.02.2010. until 06.03.2010. Benvenuti!
St. Valentine's under masks in hotel Mogorjelo!
St. Valentine's under masks in hotel Mogorjelo! | 08.02.2010
We invite you to celebrate love with us, or join us at our masquerade party... at hotel Mogorjelo, 14.02.2010. at 19:30! Our Rahan will be entertaining you while you enjoy a tasty dinner!
Time to put your dancing shoes on!
Time to put your dancing shoes on! | 04.02.2010
Every Friday (children at 19:00, others at 20:00) at hotel Mogorjelo we are learning how to dance! Join Mr Nebojsa Kovacevic who will turn your 'two left feet' into a harmonious pair :)
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