The core of love is not to found the perfect person, but to perfectly love
the imperfect person...Love does not start or end, it does not
occur and does not stop ...perfect or imperfect, love just is, and it happens...
Good luck, newlyweds!

Primary offer:

  • Wedding salon rent "Queen Catherine" (max 500 guests)
  • Wedding salon rent "S. K. "(max 120 guests)
  • The possibility of removing communication wall (for weddings larger than 500 guests)
  • Wedding menu 
  • Service 
  • The list of musical bands and all contact information that we posses and that might be helpful to you 
  • General decoration: banquet tables / table for the newlyweds / candles / stage for the band / basic lighting

Price: from 45 KM ( 23,076 EUR) to 50 KM (25,641 EUR) per seat / variations of the basic offer in accordance with your wishes - possible

Other amenities:

Wedding dress:
- Model presentation on the spot
- Rent on the spot
- Purchase on the spot

- Wedding bouquets
- Flowers for decorating the invitees
- Flowers for godparents
- Car decoration
- Central bouquets
- Bows: one-and two-colored variety
- Home decoration / church decoration / wedding salon decoration

Wedding invitations and the Thank you letters production
Photo - Video Services, "Casper"

Decor effects:
- Decorative lighting (wedding hall in 1001 color)
- Light show
- Double heart background above the table of newlyweds
- Soap balloons
- Confetti machine